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And Surrounding Areas
Freelance Computer Repair

Bill is not currently taking on any clients until vaccines have been administered and herd immunity has been achieved. I thank you for your understaing during this difficult time, and will look forward to reopening operations once this has all been put behind us.

Take Home & Restore Packages
$25 Deposit / Prompt Dedicated Service.

Sometimes, in order to properly fix the problem you are experiencing your computer may require hours of labor. If this is the case Bill will suggest one of his take home & restore packages.
By having Bill take your system home with him you can save
$$$ off of the current labor rates!
If you already know that your computer is in need of this service you may elect to have Bill take your system home with him upon arrival. Bill strives to be prompt when servicing computers, but it is also his passion when doing the job to do it right. If Bill feels that your system could use some "tlc" he will inform you of these options within the first hour of servicing your system...


The Customer Restoration package is perfect for those who just need to get their computer back up and running again, but are comfortable reinstalling the programs that they use, and setting up their internet and/or email again. Bill will restore your operating system, install any and all updates, and verify it's function to ensure that everything will be running smoothly and efficiently like never before!

All you have to do is set up your internet,
e-mail, and any programs that you use.*

1) Reinstall O.S.

2) Install Updates

*Any additional help upon the delivery of your system will be billed at the current rates.


Includes everything from the previous package (including footnotes) as well as backing up your photo's documents and files onto removable media (up to 4GB)* before restoring your system to peak performance. Bill will place everything that he backed up for you to one folder on the desktop of your system and give you the disc that he used to back up your data.

1) Back up data (Up to 4GB)*

2) Reinstall O.S.

3) Install Updates

*$5 per GB after the first 4GB


Includes everything from the previous two packages (including footnotes) as well as setting up the programs that you use.*

Receive personal assistance** upon return as Bill will set up your e-mail & internet connection and answer any questions that you may have concerning your system.

1) Back up data (Up to 4GB)

2) Reinstall O.S.

3) Install O.S. Updates

4) Set up e-mail & internet

5) Installation of programs & personal assistance

*Bill can only install programs that you legally own the licenses to. You must have the disk(s) to these programs and/or any product key(s) in order for Bill to reinstall them for you.

**Personal assistance is good for the first hour upon return. Additional assistance beyond the first hour will be billed at the current rates.



NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS: Bill currently does not build computers nor does he service computers which have suffered catastrophic loss due to lightning, electrical power surge, or other similar scenarios. Bill simply reconditions your workable machine so that you can use it again... Bill can install new components in your system such as sound cards, modems, hard drives, etc, however you need to purchase these items in advance from a retailer of your choice as Bill does not have an inventory of parts on hand. If you need assistance in purchasing parts, or you would like to know more please call Bill at the number above and he will be happy to help.

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