Servicing Androscoggin County
And Surrounding Areas
Freelance Computer Repair

Bill is not currently taking on any clients until vaccines have been administered and herd immunity has been achieved. I thank you for your understaing during this difficult time, and will look forward to reopening operations once this has all been put behind us.

CERTIFIED Computer Technician servicing Androscoggin County


Currently specializing in freelance computer repair, Bill Hensley your local computer technician will have you back up and running for less than what it could cost for you to bring your computer in to a repair shop. Bill currently charges $45 an hour for his time and he also offers a variety of cost saving restoration packages which can save you money! Click here for more details...

Whether you have a MAC or a PC simply call Bill at the number above to discuss what level of service you are in need of. If Bill happens to be unavailable when you call please leave him a message and he will be happy to call you back.

NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS: Bill currently does not build computers nor does he service computers which have suffered catastrophic loss due to lightning, electrical power surge, or other similar scenarios. Bill simply reconditions your workable machine so that you can use it again... Bill can install new components in your system such as sound cards, modems, hard drives, etc, however you need to purchase these items in advance from a retailer of your choice as Bill does not have an inventory of parts on hand. If you need assistance in purchasing parts, or you would like to know more please call Bill at the number above and he will be happy to help.